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Amazing Happenings around Tsuguya Inoue


We encountered an amazing happening when we went to visit Tsuguya Inoue the other day, to hand him his first sample t-shirt.


The photo below is a CD of a Thai artist, which Inoue took some effort to find and get in hand.


── What is this?
Inoue A couple of months ago, I heard their music aired on a TV program so I called the broadcasting company up, and asked the name of the artist. After that I searched for their album. Their album isn’t distributed in Japan, so it took me about two months to actually get the CD. The music is great, and the jacket design is awesome, don’t you think?
── Thai musicians, I see. Most of the information is in Thai, but some are written in English. Let me see… the name of the group is “Prik”, maybe? The title, “Endorphine”…?
Wow, hold on a sec! Look at the credit for the jacket design! It saids “Phunk Studio” in English!
Inoue What? Really?


What a coincidence!
A few days after that, we visited his office again, this time with the final sample t-shirt. As we were looking at the list of the T-1 t-shirts…

── What do you think of this year’s line-up?
井上 Fukasawa’s t-shirt is wonderful! It’s really stylish. And Sagmeister, his design is just brilliant!
── You think so?
Inoue The color of Taku Satoh’s “104.5 degrees” is really nice. My guess for the champion is Kashiwa’s t-shirt. But you know, Sagmeister’s design is just brilliant. It’s my number one.
── I see…
Inoue Tom Vincent comes next, I guess? Yanai’s “WHERE IS YOUR COUNTRY” is truly a Yanai world. But Sagmeister! His design is just so brilliant!
── You really like Stefan Sagmeister’s design, don’t you?
Inoue Wait a sec… This design… I think I’ve seen it before…

T(ypography)-shirt !
(Oded Ezer)

Inoue I remember! One or two years ago, I saw his design at some design contest, and I thought it was really good that I asked for a copy! I kept that copy in my hands for about a year! Yes, it’s definitely him!
── Really? Amazing!


What a coincidence! Or is it really coincidence?
We just but dropped our jaws at the amazing coincidences that occurred around us.