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Orders for T-1 WORLD CUP can be registered from 11:00am Friday, June 9th, 2006 to 15:00pm Monday, July 10th, 2006 (Japan Time)

The t-shirts sold in T-1 WORLD CUP are 100% made-to-order.
All order transactions, including change or addition in orders, can only take place during the order registration period.

Please be forewarned that purchase of goods intended for resell is strictly prohibited.
This is a fair and square contest to determine the winner by the number of T-shirts sold.
Note that cancellation of mass orders may not be accepted to maintain fairness upon competition.

T-1 WORLD CUP t-shirts cost 4,952 yen each. Japanese consumption tax is not charged for the orders from outside Japan. Shipping fee is not included in this price.
You can see a lineup of All t-shirts here.
The t-shirts shown on our website are sample t-shirts.
Please be informed that design of the actual t-shirts may go through minor changes in design without notice due to the designer's intention.

The colors of the t-shirts displayed on your monitor may differ from its actual color.
Due to technical reasons, the colors displayed on your monitor and the actual color of the t-shirts are not the same.
Please be informed that the colors of the actual t-shirts you receive may be different from what you see on your monitor upon order.

Please go over the precautions including usage and care of the products described here. before placing your order

For customers overseas, your order is scheduled to be delivered by the end of August.
When detail of shipping schedule is fixed, it will be announced in our site and through e-mail.
An e-mail will also be sent to your contact e-mail address when your order is shipped.

Please be forewarned that there may be a delay in delivery schedule in the event of order numbers which exceed production capacity.

T-1 WORLD CUP t-shirts are hand printed by craftworkers.
The number of craftworkers is limited, and the number of t-shirts that can be printed during a certain time period may be limited depending on design and printing method.

Therefore, delays in delivery schedule may occur depending on the number of orders we receive.
Please be informed that the delivery schedule is subject to change. Delivery schedule may be delayed to later than September, if we receive orders that exceed our estimation.

We use Express Mail Service (EMS) as our carrier.
An extra 500 yen is charged as handling fee in addition to your EMS shipping cost. EMS shipping rates vary according to weight of the package and area of destination. For more information, please read this page.
The weight of the t-shirts is as below.

Size L 320g
Size M 290g
Size S 260g
Size XS 240g
*Each of the above includes the exterior package weight of 45g.

Currently we only accept credit card payment.

Payment Method Time of Payment
credit card
advanced payment

Only Visa or MasterCard can be used for credit card payment.
Thank you.

★Please read before placing your order★
・Only use a credit card of your name.
・Make sure that the card you plan to use is before its expiration date.
・The settlement date of your purchase depends on your credit card. Please check the terms of service of your credit card before ordering.
・We accept one time charge only.
・Your purchase will be charged on the next day given the start date of shipping preparation. We will e-mail your detailed invoice when the charge is carried out.
・If settlement for your purchase has already been executed for your cancel or return of goods, we will fully refund your purchase through your credit card.
・When cancel or return takes place among two consecutive months, your charge will temporally be deducted from your payment account. Your refund settlement will be executed in the following month.
・Note that foreign currency transaction loss or a service charge may occur depending on the credit card company you have chosen as your payment method and the timing of your cancellation/change. These fees are the responsibility of the customer.
Make sure to check your credit card company's terms of service beforehand.
・All personal information including your credit card number is encrypted upon transmission. We use 128-bit SSL ("SGC Super Certs") by Thawte for encryption.
This is currently the safest encryption in use, and should prevent third parties from obtaining your information.

Please read this page for details on shopping at our site.

When you submit your order, you should receive an e-mail within 15 minutes confirming that your order has been finalized. If you do not receive this e-mail, the e-mail address you have entered may be mistaken, or your e-mail environment may not accept automatically sent messages.
Please contact us at store@1101.com in such cases, informing us your order number and e-mail address you entered in your order form.

Please not that in some conditions it may take longer than 15 minutes for you to receive your e-mail.

T-1 WORLD CUP ranks the winning T-shirt by the numbers sold.
Changes and cancels of orders may take place only during the order registration period to assure a fair environment.
Please note that orders cannot be cancelled once it is under shipping preparation.
If there should occur an intentional change/cancel in order aimed to manipulate ranking, the winning contestant may have their championship taken away.

Contact us at store@1101.com if you wish to change your shipping address due circumstances such as moving.
Be sure to include your order number and e-mail address in your message.

*Please note that your shipping address cannot be changed once your order is under shipping preparation. However, if a situation beyond your control should occur and you wish to change your shipping address, please contact us at store@1101.com. Please note that delivery of your order may be delayed in such cases.

To ensure the safety of your personal information, all information, including your address and credit card number, is encrypted with 128-bit SSL ("SGC Super Certs") by Thawte .
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Performance on the below operating system and browser has been tested. However, please note that there may be some restrictions.

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Performance has not been tested on operating systems and internet browsers other than the above. If you are unable to place your order, please try from a computer which fulfills the above requirements.

Please note that orders cannot be placed from devices other than personal computers, such as cellular phones.

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Please inform us at store@1101.com within 14 days of delivery for exchange and returns.
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