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The Results are in! The 2nd T-1 WORLD CUP Champion!


Hi all!

The 2nd T-1 WORLD CUP has closed all the votes yesterday, July 10th, at 3:00pm (Japan time).
We received a total of 6,067 votes for the 24 t-shirts from 13 countries around the world.
We’d like to thank you, reading this, and everyone who has ordered the t-shirts.
We can’t thank you enough. Thank you so, so much.

Now, it’s time to announce the winner of the 2nd T-1 WORLD CUP, as well as the t-shirts that came in 2nd and 3rd place!

Is a designer from Japan going to win this year?
Is a designer participating from abroad going to win again?
Is the defending champion going to win for the second time?

Click the banner above to view the results!
(If the banner doesn’t work on your browser, you can also check the results here.)

Were the results what you predicted? Or did they surprise you? Did the t-shirts you order rank in the top three?
What did you think of the results?
Please send us congratulation messages and other messages to the designers!


The T-1 operation office is now putting together the outer package for the t-shirts. It’s going to be a package with a little twist! We’re also scheduling additional interviews to the designers.
These articles will be updated in this page as they come along. Don’t miss it!

The 2nd T-1 WORLD CUP is not over yet!
More articles will be coming along until we deliver your t-shirt, and even after.

By the way, we’re starting to plan for the next T-1 WORLD CUP!
See you soon!