Have you solved the quiz? 104.5 degrees.
Born in Tokyo 1955.
Graduated from Tokyou National University of Fine Arts and Music, majoring in Design, in 1979; completed graduate course at the same university in 1981. Initially joined Dentsu, then established Taku Satoh Design Office Inc. in 1984.
Created product designs for "Nikka Pure Malt", "Lotte Chewing Gum (Mint series)", "Lotte milk", gMeiji Oishi Gyunyuh, and "NTT Docomo P701iD" cellular phone. Creative VI for "BS Asahi"(TV station), "21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa", and "Tokyo Metropolitan University". Involved in planning and art direction of "Nihongo de Asobo" (Let's Play in Japanese) TV program on NHK educational channel. Behind his designs lies an enormous amount of planning, a fully thought out concept, and dynamic ideas.
Publications to date include SKELETON (Rikuyosha) and Analysis of the Massproduct Design series (Bijutsu Shuppansha).

What is your name?
Taku Satoh

which country do you wish to represent?

What did you have in mind when creating your T-1 T-shirt design?
I sought for an expression that is as simple as possible, and something with a significant meaning.
Question; this number is a degree of an angle. What do you think it is?
Even t-shirts cannot exist without this angle.
This t-shirt is a quiz, a quiz to think about the relation between this t-shirt and the angle.
An era will come, where we all appreciate this.
It is appreciated everywhere, and we have many activities and ceremonies in Japan, continued for ages, to express our gratitude to this.

What sort of places or situations will best fit your t-shirt design, do you think?
Should fit anytime, anywhere.

Has your final T-shirt design turned out the same as you initially imagined it would?
Last year's T-1 WORLD CUP t-shirt was about physical relation, but this time I wanted to take a totally different approach.

When you were designing your T-1 T-shirt, how did the process compare with your normal work?
It makes me think much more than I think for work.
It's a situation where you, as a designer, are completely revealed.
You can't change the material or the shape of the shirt; you can't even punch a hole in the shirt.
It's not as free as people may think it is.
But because of that, infinite numbers of ideas are born.
It's a place where you are made to think about design seriously, maybe much more serious than for work.

Please give your T-shirt a name.

Please give us a a message to all the people who visit the website, to spark their interest in your T-shirt.
What may look like a typical everyday life is actually a stream of surprises. I pulled out an angle from that normal, everyday life. I'm not asking you to buy it if you figure out the answer. I hope people buy it, and think about it while they wear it.

If there is any music that would best fit your T-shirt design, please let us know.

Maybe a quiet kind of music may match the meaning of this angle, like SIGUR ROS.

Is there any strikingly memorable T-shirt or impressive T-shirt that you remember?
I don't smoke, but I remember watching a well worked-out guy wearing a t-shirt in the movie American Graffiti when I was young. He rolled up his cigarette on his sleeve, and I thought it looked cool. All the t-shirts that the music stars wore, say Jerry Garcia, Lowell George of Little Feat, looked cool.

What is your favorite food?

Are there any countries that you'd like to travel, if you had the chance and time?
South America

Are there any people, things, happenings, that have especially influenced you?

Surfining, latin music, rock'n'roll, cand much much more.

What do you want most? Anything?
I don't want any gthingh, but I'd love to have some free time to go surfing, a glass of beer afterwards, and a nap to follow.

Is there anything that you recommend us to check out? Any items, events, etc?

Mathematics (Infuluenced by Masahiko Fujiwara's books)
Episodes of everyday life (Influenced by Shinichi Takemura)

Who would make you most pleased if they were to wear your T-shirt ?
The person that's walking right in front of me now.

If you have any news or information about your recent or upcoming activities, please let us know.
From October 21st 2006, I'll be doing an exhibition at Art Tower Mito. Please come and visit.
A design museum 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT, directed by Issey Miyake, Naoto Fukasawa and I, will be opening at Roppongi in April 2007. It is planned to be a very experimental museum, unlike conventional design museums. Don't miss it!