Born in Tokyo, 1965.
Graduated from Division of Graphic Design of Tama Art University. After working at Hakuhodo Inc.
establishes Samurai in May 2000. His major works include TSUTAYA TOKYO ROPPONGI, FOMA N702iD for NTT Docomo.
His work ranges in a wide variety such as product and brand development, artwork for musicians,
spatial production (e.g. space production for kindergarten), corporate identity, and product design.
His evolving point of view and energetic activities attracts attention from all around. Publications include @
gKASHIWA SATO BEYONDh (Senden Kaigi), gSato Kashiwa World Graphic Design 67h(ggg Books),
gSato Kashiwa no Shigoto to Shuhenh (Rikuyosha), and gA.D.2000h(MADRA).
He also has been awarded Tokyo ADC Grand Prix, Tokyo TDC Member Award, Asahi Advertisement Award,
Kamekura Yusaku Award, JAGDA New Designer Award for 2000, Japan Package Award Gold Award, ACC Gold Award and more.

What is your name?

Kashiwa Sato

Which country do you wish to represent?


What did you have in mind when creating your T-1 T-shirt design?

When I approached the theme with "Samurai", it instantly occurred to me.

What sort of places or situations will best fit your T-shirt design, do you think?

I imagine someone traveling a city in Europe, where Japan is not so much known,
and this t-shirt becoming a conversation-starter.

Has your final T-shirt design turned out the same as you initially imagined it would?

I thought it was appealing just to design the t-shirt as ŅJAPANÓ, but it would be difficult to wear it in Japan. Using gJPNh is too ordinary and boring, so I symbolized it by recombining the letters.

When you were designing your T-1 T-shirt, how did the process compare with your normal work?

Not much different.

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