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Updates -July 8th-


We are reaching the grand finale of the 2nd T-1 WORLD CUP!

All votes (= orders) of T-1 WORLD CUP closes at 3:00pm Japan time on Monday July 10th.
Orders are only accepted until this time, no extensions!
Monday the 10th, the coming Monday!
The deadline is 3:00pm!

Today and tomorrow are the only days left to take your time to pick out the t-shirt you want!
Your T-1 t-shirt with the serial number can only be purchased during this period.
Don’t miss this one and only chance!

I’m sure there’s a t-shirt just right for you within these 24 t-shirts.

We’ve prepared an ultimate answer for you to pick out your t-shirt!
A T-1 roulette wheel will be appearing sometime today, on the top of this page!

Let fate decide your t-shirt!
Just take it as advice!
Or, just turn the wheel for fun!


Here’s the menu for today.

Which T-shirt will win? -Collective-

We’ve been asking everyone which t-shirt they think will win, we’d like to present you with a collective of the opinions!
Who has predicted the coming champion?
Who do you think is going to win?