The Answer to the “104.5 degrees” Quiz at last!


Hi all!

Remember the quiz that is still left unsolved?
It’s the one t-shirt which its concept hasn’t been fully explained. All the other t-shirts, you can read their ideas in each of the designer’s page.

“104.5 degrees” by Taku Satoh.
Have you figured out what this angle stands for?


The angle, Taku says, is “an important angle for us.”
With the t-shirts starting to arrive at your homes, it’s about time we reveal the answer, right?

The angle, 104.5 degrees, is….
the angle that the hydrogen and oxygen elements connect when they form the water molecule.

Was the quiz too easy for you?

If water, created by hydrogen and oxygen forming that angle, did not exist…
Definitely, this angle is important to us, and the color of the t-shirt itself was a huge hint!

But there was more to this quiz, remember?

What are the 5 elements, or 5 steps, for this angle to turn into this t-shirt? With these 5 steps, this t-shirt and this angle 104.5 degrees becomes connected.

Many readers sent us their answers to us, but only two readers solved this quiz, one from Fukuoka prefecture, and the other reader from Miyagi prefecture.

Taku was surprised that two readers came up with the correct answer.
Here’s Taku with the explanation of the answer to this quiz.


(Taku’s message in English)

Today I would like to announce the answer to my quiz.
The angle, 104.5 degrees, is the angle that the elements of the water molecule form.
Water consists of one hydrogen element and two oxygen elements.
These three elements form this angle, 104.5 degrees to create the substance water.
The first factor of the answer is that this angle is the angle of the water molecule.
The second factor is that ice floats on water because of this angle.
Usually when a substance becomes its solid form, its density is higher than that of its liquid form, thus creating the solid form to sink.
However, since water is formed by this particular angle, ice floats on water.
The third factor is that life begun since ice floated on water.
If the ocean was to freeze from the bottom, it is said that life would not have begun.
The fourth factor is that the beginning of life leads to the evolution of human beings.
The fifth factor is that since we exist here and now as human beings, this t-shirt exists.
These are the five factors that connect this angle and this t-shirt.

Two readers solved this quiz. Congratulations!
This is a prize for those two readers, a card game from a TV program I am involved in, “Nihongo de Asobo (Let’s Play in English)”.
These set of cards will come with my autograph (Don’t tell me you don’t want my autograph!)
The illustration on these cards was done by Masayoshi Nakajo, and was produced by Takashi Saito.

I would like to explain a bit why I designed this t-shirt this year.
Our world faces a water crisis today, with many places lacking minimum supplies of water to survive.
But on the other hand we drink and use water everyday and take it for granted.
The other day someone told me that the substance water is not yet fully understood and new findings are being revealed bit by bit.
This blew me away, so I wanted to design this year’s t-shirt with water as my theme.
But at the same time, I didn’t want to make it too serious.
You don’t want t-shirts preaching you ideas.
So I wanted to design a casual t-shirt for everyone to wear, but keeping its depth so that anyone who is triggered by it can go into deeper thoughts.
I am deeply interested in water right now, and hope that this t-shirt helps people think more about water.
Thank you!


As announced in this movie, Taku will present the readers with the correct answer with card games from the TV program “Nihongo de Asobo (Let’s Play with Japanese)”.

The illustration in this card game was done by graphic designer Masayoshi Nakajo, the design done by Taku, and produced by Professor Takashi Saito of Meiji University.


And of course…


the card game is autographed by Taku!


Congratulations again! We’re sending out the prizes out right away!
Thank you again for all the answers you sent us. Make sure to explain the meaning of 104.5 degrees when you wear this t-shirt!

See you again soon!


More Models for T-1!


Hi all!
We’re receiving e-mail telling us that once they saw the t-shirts worn by the models, they switched their minds on which t-shirt to buy!

We’re glad to be of help!

So here you go, more pictures for you to look at!


Team number one for today is the students at the copy writer course of the Senden Kaigi School!

How will they wear the t-shirts?
Let’s find out!


Senden Kaigi School copy writer course class b, a total of 24 classmates!

T-shirts from all different countries in one frame.
The back shot of Kashiwa’s JPNAA.


The print of Koinobori 2006 shines under the sun!

Nice coordination of clothes!

Kinga’s t-shirt, cheerfully worn.

A tightly worn Blue Baby. Looks great!

The fashion queen of today! The t-shirt tucked into her jeans!

Everyone looked so good wearing the t-shirts! They must have chosen what to wear today thinking about T-1 t-shirts… Thank you!

borderNext team to model is the Design Communication Course of Schooling Pad, held in Setagaya Monotsukuri School.

Three designers of T-1 had held classes at this institute! Michihiko Yanai, Mark Dytham of KDa, and Silas Hickey.

Today we have the first graduates of the course. They still hang out together although they have finished the course!

Nice to be back here in the classroom! Say cheese!

Where is your country?

She came all the way from Okinawa for this day!

JPNAA by Kashiwa was one of the most popular t-shirts!

Nice back shot!

Tom’s t-shirt was also popular.

The color is reversed on the back print of Kickheads.

If you like Asian, this is the t-shirt for you. “Fighting Club”.

This t-shirt looked good on Jun Miura, but also looks good on women!

Saru, the leader, loved Oded’s t-shirt!
Oops! That was Oded himself.
Schooling Pad is recruiting the third round of students, class starting from September 9th 2006.
The school holds three departments altogether, Design Communication, Film Business, Restraunt Business.

Check out their web page for more information!

Phone: 03-3421-1011


The Defending Champion, Tom Vincent!


The champion of the first T-1 WORLD CUP last October, Tom Vincent makes his appearance in this year’s T-1!

The place to meet him was…. a zoo in Tokyo!
The defending champion appears at last!

── Tom, thank you for joining this year’s T-1 WORLD CUP.
Tom Thank you. Last year was already a challenge, but this year, it was even harder.
── There’s a question we’d like to ask the designers who are joining T-1 for the second time.
Tom Yes?
── After last year’s T-1, everyone said that it was really challenging to design in a competition like this. However, everyone gladly said yes to our offer this year. Why compete again? You all should be really busy with your normal work.
Tom Well…I had a hard time creating my design last year, and I was the only foreigner too.
After lots of thinking, I decided to express my personal private world, very different from the designs I usually do. I ended up winning last year, and it simply made me happy.
When you called me last year to tell me that I won, I was shouting “Wow!” so loud that my daughter was asking me what’s wrong. (laugh)
── You were really surprised.
Tom Yes. I had a hard time deciding my design, and during the sales period, I was worried about what was going on. I had other jobs to do, but T-1 was always on my mind. The overall process was really exciting.
── We’re glad to hear that! How was it this year?
Tom Well, the concept, “the t-shirt of your country” was one challenge, and whether to go with the same taste as last year was another difficult question I had to answer.


── And this is what you came up with. A rabbit and a ram on a fresh green t-shirt. This is a scene from your homeland, UK?
Tom I left UK when I was 19, so UK is a place where I spent my childhood. Where my family lives, people keep rams and rabbits in their farms. Every morning, there are rabbits jumping around, but a few hours later, all the rabbits are gone, and only a ram is left.
── How peaceful.
Tom Rabbits often appear in picture books or folk tales, but it’s only the people living in the city that thinks they’re cute. For the farmers, the rabbits are a trouble to them, because they munch all the vegetables they grow. They are a bit mysterious in a way, with their long ears.
── That’s true.
Tom Look at Bugs Bunny. He’s a bit funny and weird, not just cute. I wanted to express a rabbit to be something else than “cute”.
── Is that the reason why you chose these colors for the rabbit?
Tom Yes. And rams, they hardly appear in stories, but they have this attitude full of frustration. Maybe that’s the reason why they don’t appear in stories. I thought the mix of those two would be interesting.
── How’s your blog “usagidesu.yoroshiku.” coming along?
Tom I thought if it were for one month during T-1, I could do this blog. Actually, it turned out to be something I enjoy most.
── Is it easy to write the blog?
Tom It takes me around 30 minutes a day.
── That’s pretty fast! Is it like where authors of cartoons or novels say that the characters start to act in their own way?
Tom Oh, definitely something like that! I just give the stage to the usagi, and usagi goes about in his own way.
── Really?
Tom It’s different from a story for children, where there’s a lesson to it. It’s more for adults, for them to read and have a chuckle.
── Is it difficult to take the pictures for the blog? It seems like it’s taken in unique situations…
Tom Yes, taking the photographs is much difficult. I feel like I’m trying to take pictures all day, between my work. The usagi, he’s not good with numbers. He doesn’t understand the fundamentals of time or units. Oh, by the way, did you read about the “usagi tunnel” under Tokyo Tower? He’s friends with many people, satoimo, Hello Bachan, and “unagi”. “Unagi” is his friend too.
(and on and on Tom talks about usagi. If you want to know more, check out the blog of the usagi!)

Defending champion just can’t resist taking a photo of rabbits.

Tom Um… am I becoming a rabbit nerd?
── Er… I don’t think so, not yet, I guess… Well, it means that you’re just crazy about usagi, right?
Tom Yes, it’s just so much fun to be with usagi everyday!
── You like him that much…
Tom Am I becoming a bit nerdy? Well, the usagi came out from my idea for the T-1, but now the T-1 t-shirt is like one of the usagi goods.
── So do you have confidence in winning this year?
Tom No, not at all.


── Can you tell us which t-shirt you would like to buy?
Tom That’s a hard question!
── It could be your own, you know.
Tom Well, I’ll keep mine out of the question. Hmm… “LION HA-NETEIRU” by Tsuguya Inoue. The one with “anima-land” on the front!
── What do you like about this t-shirt?
Tom The illustration on it is great. The lion has so many legs. And the tame, it looks like bricks, and you can’t tell if it’s heavy, but it looks like it’s waving in the wind. And the tail turns out to be a snake! And the pup following the lion is crying for some reason. It’s all just so strange and interesting!
── It’s an animal motif t-shirt, just like yours. And the title of the t-shirt both happens to be a sentence!
Tom Animals, and things of nature are great.
── Which else do you like?
Tom Taku came up something totally different from last time! What does this number stand for?
── We can’t tell you!
Tom No? It’s a cool t-shirt.
── By the way, Taku told us that he thinks that you will win again next year.
Tom Really? Wow. The “Fighting Club” is also a nice t-shirt.
── Which t-shirt do you think will win?
Tom This one, Inoue’s “LION HA-NETEIRU”.
── Thank you! Last question. Why did you want to meet at the zoo today?
Tom I wanted usagi to meet real rabbits.
── Usagi! Again!


This is probably the shot of the day, “usagi meets rabbit”.
Tom thank you for your precious time!

We hope to read usagi’s blog even after T-1 is over!

We received a cute animation from Tom a few days later.

The voices are done by Tom’s family.
The ram, Tom.
The boom sound by his son.
“Usagidesu”, done by his daughter.
And the introduction sound is a deformed audio of a commentator for the FIFA World Cup!

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