A Quick Visit to Poledesign in Shanghai!

Poledesign - Chi Chen
Chi Chen was born in Hangzhou in 1979. He worked as a graphic design tutor in Hangzhou, before moving to the UK to take an MA in Visual Communication. After graduating, he moved back to China, to Shanghai where he joined Poledesign - a starting point in a new city. Poledesign's work covers a wide range of design consulting, from brand planning, graphic design, T-shirt design, exhibition design, interior design, and multimedia design.

What is your name?

Chi Chen

Which country do you wish to represent?


What did you have in mind when creating your T-1 T-shirt design?

Fighting Club = Dragon+ contestants+fire+ball+cloud.
At the beginning of this year, I got a new job in Poledesign Company in Shanghai when I finished master degree study in UK and came back to my country. Shanghai is a complete new city for me, and It's full of competition. You can feel it in the developing China. It's like that you should fight with your counterworker or yourself in football court.

What sort of places or situations will best fit your t-shirt design, do you think?
The busiest cities in China.

Has your final T-shirt design turned out the same as you initially imagined it would?
I just want to represent the exciting atmosphere of competition.

When you were designing your T-1 T-shirt, how did the process compare with your normal work?
Not different.

Please give your T-shirt a name.
Fighting Club

Please give us a a message to all the people who visit the website, to spark their interest in your T-shirt.
Hope you like it.

If there is any music that would best fit your T-shirt design, please let us know.


Is there any strikingly memorable or impressive T-shirt that you remember?

I don't remember.

What is your favorite food?

Dongpo meat. (the name of a very famous poet in my home town, Hangzhou)

Are there any countries that you'd like to travel, if you had the chance and time?


Are there any people, things, happenings, that have especially influenced you?

My teacher

What do you want most? Anything?

Is there anything that you recommend us to check out? Any items, events, etc?


Who would make you most pleased if they were to wear your T-shirt?
My boss