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Have you solved the quiz? 104.5 degrees.

“104.5 degrees” by Taku Satoh.
With the quiz on the front and its fresh color, the t-shirt is ranked as one of the most popular t-shirt. Definitely in the winning range!


Have you figured out the answer to this quiz?
The clue from Taku reads “an important angle for us” on the tag.

The tilt of the earth’s axis?
The refraction factor of light?
The angle we bow?

Everyone comes up with different guesses.
So we visited Taku to ask him for more clues. Here’s the interview on movie.
Do you know the answer to the quiz now? The color of the t-shirt is a clue. If you look it up on the web, the answer is there for you.
What? You’re still not sure of the answer?
Okay, let me mumble to myself for a while..

…”The biggest clue appears in the movie”

Okay, end of mumbling.
I’m sure you’ve solved the quiz now!
But there’s more to this quiz. Taku gave us another quiz to solve.

Here’s the new quiz.

Explain the 5 steps of how this angle and the t-shirt becomes related
Don’t ask me, I have no idea! Nobody at our T-1 office have any clue!
Those of you who’ve figured out the answer to this super-difficult new quiz, send us your answer, now! Please!

A new quiz has popped out from the 104.5 degrees quiz.

We’ll announce your answers here in the near future! Until then!