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Silas Gets his T-shirt!


The order registration period for T-1 WORLD CUP is in synchronization with the ongoing FIFA World Cup. Japan, unfortunately, had a costly defeat against Australia the other day. Silas Hickey is a designer from that country, Australia. We went to interview him!


Above: Silas. Our interview went off track from the beginning…

Silas Nice to meet you! Did you see the game the other day? God, it was exciting, I yelled and yelled! I couldn’t sleep after that!
But actually, I think Japan is stronger than us. It’s been 32 years since Australia last went to the World Cup, and I think it’ll be pretty difficult for them to go to the finals. I think Japan has a better chance.

Silas, you are so sweet! And you seem to be familiar with the Japanese culture of flattering other people! Australia is also a pretty strong team, you know…
After chit-chatting about soccer for a while, we got into our main topic.

Although you say that your design is inspired by the plaque on spacecraft Pioneer 10 and 11, readers are e-mailing us that the outer frame of the design looks like a soccer field, or that the message “Happy Ending” must stand for which team will “end happy” after the soccer game.

Silas Really? Interesting. I never expected something like that. It’s interesting how people view it in a different way. Oh, can I wear this t-shirt? Ooh, Nice texture. Great!


Silas moving his hands super fast to check the texture of the t-shirt

Silas was a professional surfer before he came to Japan. The t-shirt looks great on his well worked out body!


He is currently working on a documentary film on surfing with Mark Newson.

Silas Kids in Australia grow up watching surf movies, just like Japanese kids grow up watching animation. The surf movies we watch are mostly from the US. We wanted to launch a surf movie from Australia.

The film “shape & shapers”, which focuses on the shapers of surfboards and their history, is scheduled to come out this fall after 3 years of production.
You can view the trailer from this link.
He gave us a version with Japanese comments also.
The diary on producing the film can be read here.
By the way, which t-shirt do you want, and which t-shirt do you think will win, Silas?


Silas trying to make up his mind, looking at the list of t-shirts.

Silas Hmm… Hmmmmmm… That’s a tough question. I know KDa, and I also know Tom, the winner of last year. I’ve interviewed Phunk studio before so I know them also. It’s really hard to say…
(3 minutes passes by…)
What was I trying to decide? Oh yes, the t-shirt I want, and the one I think will win! Okay, I want “LION HA-NETEIRU” by Tsuguya Inoue! This is a really cool t-shirt! But I think the winner is Kam Tang, it’s a cute t-shirt!

Soccer, t-shirts, and surfing… our subject kept on changing, and we saw the little kid in him, in the way he joyfully talked about these topics.
Silas’s message to all the readers of the T-1.

Silas The T-1 t-shirts are all nice. However… I think the graphic on my t-shirt may still be alive even when the sun ceases to exist, and the solar system goes down.

Silas, thank you for the interview!