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Photo from Stefan in N.Y!

In our hectic days at the T-1 WORLD CUP office, we’re sending out the final sample t-shirts to the designers!
Stefan Sagmeister, the winner of the 47th Grammy Award for Packaging, was one of the first to receive his sample, and he already sent us a photo wearing it!


“The t-shirt has turned out wonderful. I’m so happy. Thank you!”

He really looks good in the t-shirt he designed!
So this is how the logo taken from John Lenon’s portrait looks when you actually wear it…
The more you look at it, the better it looks.

When we visited Tsuguya Inoue the other day to hand him his sample t-shirt of “LION HA-NETEIRU”, he kept on complimenting Stefan’s design:
“Sagmeister’s design is brilliant!”
Kam Tang , the designer of “Be Great” e-mailed us also:
“The designers are all so superb… especially Stefan Sagmeister”

We’re curious on what the contestants think of their competing designs, so we’re asking them anytime we have the chance!

We’ll keep you updated with the answers to that question, as well as the photos and movies of other designers as we receive them!