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Updates -July 3rd-


So here it is, the last week of the 2nd T-1 WORLD CUP!

The deadline of the votes (= the orders) is 3:00pm Japan time, July 10th!

Who is going to become champion!

Who are you going to vote for?

Today, we have two new articles to help you make your decision

Actors and Actresses of Tomorrow and the T-1 T-shirts!
T-1 Correspondents Overseas and their Reports!

The photos of the students at the institute of theatrical performance will surely give you a good image of the t-shirts actually worn.

The comments we received from overseas will definitely be a good reference for you to read!

Stay tuned for the last week of the competition!

A few of our staffs are running around Japan delivering additional stickers and flyers!
We’re calling it the “T-1 Japan Tour”!

They are reporting their journey as they go along. Check out their reports here!

E-mail us at mail@t-1.cc if you happen to bump into any of our staffs at the museums!
And please drop by at the museum to take a look if you have the time!