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Updates -June 30th-

Hi all!
10 more days to go!

We’ll be flooding you with more stuff to read in the last days of T-1!

T-1 Team Models go International!
A Peek into Akki’s Home!

The 2nd team model for T-1 is international students studying in Japan!
The T-1 t-shirt worn by people of different origins was just right for the world cup of t-shirts!

We also had Gugi Akiyama (known as Akki) and his family wear his MounT-FUJI t-shirt, and Jun Aoki’s design.
Why Jun Aoki’s t-shirt? Read and find out!

Have you visited any of the T-1 museums already?
We have most of the T-1 museums exhibiting the t-shirts, so have a look when you’re nearby!
Some museums may not be opened until the end of T-1 WORLD CUP!
You’ll definitely get a different impression when you look at the actual t-shirts!

From today to July 4th, the T-1 staffs will be going around most of the museums in Japan!
We’ve already started this morning!
Check out this page to see the updates of the staff’s journey!

We’d love to hear what you think of the designs.
Please tell us

the t-shirt you would like to buy/already bought
the t-shirt you think will win

along with the reasons why, and e-mail us.


Let us hear your voice!