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A Peek into Akki’s Home!


Have you read the talk session article “Which one is going to win?
The following is a comment that Zenta Nishida, an associate editor for the magazine “Casa Brutus”, made in this past article.

As in Nishida’s comment, Gugi Akiyama, known to us as Akki, lives in a house designed by Jun Aoki, in a quiet neiborhood in Tokyo.
His house is published in a book titled “G“, a work done by photographer Takashi Honma.
A house just right to do some shooting!

The idea for this photo shoot came from Akki himself.
We did some photo shoots with his wife wearing Jun Aoki’s design, and his daughter Chiyoko wearing Akki’s t-shirt MounT-FUJI.
A whole collaboration of t-shirts and Jun Aoki’s architecture!

Enjoy the happy air of Akki’s family captured in the photos!


── What do you think of Aoki’s t-shirt, Akki?
Akki It’s a design that well represents Aoki’s work. Simple, but has a surprise. I think the stitches in the back is very likely of Aoki, his sense in design is highlighted in it.


── It’s the simplest of all the T-1 designs this year.
Akki He decided to go with this “almost completely white” t-shirt, yes.
Chiyoko I’m Shinnosuke! (copying a character from an animation, towards Akki)


── Which other t-shirt do you like among the T-1 t-shirts?
Akki If I were to buy some myself, I would buy Stefan Sagmeister’s t-shirt, and also Oded Ezer’s t-shirt. They’re both just simply cool. Oh, and Kam Tang’s t-shirt is really cute too.
Chiyoko Jump! Jump!


Akki What are these numbers on Taku’s t-shirt? The angle that Japanese people bow?
── That’s a new answer!
Akki The idea of Usman’s t-shirt is really interesting. Kashiwa’s t-shirt shows his power and energy as a creator.


Akki A friend of a friend bought my t-shirts for his parents who engage in farming. It’s really great to think about people who farm wearing a t-shirt of Mount Fuji. It makes me really happy.
── When we met Jun Miura the other day, he said that your t-shirt was really nice!
Akki Really? That makes me happy too!


Akki and his wife watched their daughter as she frolics around, delighted to wear a t-shirt that her father designed.
It was such a pleasant photo shoot!
Thank you, Akki family!

Akki sent us an animation where MounT-FUJI spins around.
Have a look!

Click the image and move your mouse to look at MounT-FUJI from an angle you wish!
Thank you again, Akki!