T-1 WORLD CUP/English » Which one is going to win?_Part1

Which one is going to win?_Part1


From an architecture field,
Zenta Nishida, an assistant editor of “Casa BRUTUS”.
A specialist of advertisement,
Risa Tanaka, an editor of “Senden Kaigi”.
And Ureshka, chief editor of onlile design magazine “Pingmag“.

Those three of specialists represented their fields got together
and we had let them talk free about this T-1 world cup.

From today, we present almost everything of the talk session in three parts.


── Today, since three of you guys are here, we expect to develop a conversation and hopefully in the end, we can forecast a champion.
First of all, please look at these T-shirts and tell us their first impressions.
Tanaka This time is more difficult to choose one; there are more designers than last time.
Wearing your own country’s designer’s T-shirts and cheering your country is one of the concepts, isn’t it?
── It is.
Nishida You’ve approached to architects this time. Jun Aoki, Klein Dytham architecture and Usman Haque, three of them.
── As the assistant editor of “ Casa BRUTUS”, Nishida, what is your impression for Jun Aoki’s T-shirts.
Nishida I don’t know how to say but the T-shirts is just like him.
── Where is the point that made you think like that?
Nishida It doesn’t play too much. But can’t you see everything if you don’t see the backside of the body?
This line goes to the back. Is this line a thread or something?
── Oh my, you are very quick thinking! That’s right.
If the name of this T-shirts tells you anything, “Stitched”.
Nishida This T-shirt can be said architectural, but more than that, I think Aoki has some spirit of playing trick. He doesn’t try to surprise you too much. This T-shirts is not that simple even though it’s pretty much all white.
Tanaka Yes, the more I see it, the more I understand that.
── What is your first impression, Uleshka?
Uleshka It is interesting that I can kind of figure out where the designer comes from by seeing the T-shirt at glance.Another thing is the fact that many of them are based on white. It made me think that it might be a one kind of approach for design to make it on white.
── This time, the number of the country of the representative designers is a lot, but their occupations are in much variety, too.
Uleshka It is really fun to see the design from the different point of view. That Chopin’s T-shirt by Kinga has such a crazy idea (laugh).
Hamansutra’s T-shirt is condensed his elements so much.
Tanaka Phunk Studio’s T-shirt is very interesting, too.
Uleshka It looks like an old adidas design. My younger brother used to wear a T-shirt like this.
Anyway, gathering all these designers for this project impresses me.
── As T-1 is a tournament, what do you think is the point of this competition?
Uleshka This time, T-1 is held for a same period of the world cup, so I think that people would have a feeling of cheering your own country’s representative designer.
All these creators have brought their own messages in those T-shirts so much and have made the image.
Tanaka Yes, they are.
Uleshka So how buyers get the message and vote to which T-shirt…
That part can be determined the fate of this competition.
── I see.
Tanaka It seems like the feeling for this T-1 is getting stronger for those designers from the 1st T-1.
Nishida I would like to ask one question, how did you imagine about the measure that people have to pick those T-shirts when you decided this theme?
── The feeling of wanting cheering your own country’s designer might be strong, but we have expectation for this becoming “a game of design” in the end.
Nishida Ah-huh…okay.
The point is the battle among the designers.
── Of course, we think there might be 2 kinds of people who pick the T-shirt because of their country where you from or simply want to cheer the design of it…
Nishida The T-1’s rule that the most sold designer becomes winner is very fantastic.
Why I think that is not everyone chose the T-shirt from the name of the designer but the design of it faithfully.
That structure of T-1 might be loveliness and interesting.
Tanaka That’s right.
Nishida For example, you see the people who wear same T-shirts on the street that can be happened to you. Designers have some conflict about that, too. They don’t want the T-shirt to be a “uniform” but want many people to buy it. (laugh)
── For example, you see the people who wear same T-shirts on the street that can be happened to you. Designers have some conflict about that, too. They don’t want the T-shirt to be a “uniform” but want many people to buy it. (laugh)
Tanaka It is fun if you can be sympathize with someone from the fact two of you have voted to a same T-shirt.
It’s like, “Oh, you’ve voted for this T-shirt, too” feeling. Feeling of togetherness.
── If there is a difference from another T-shirt’s events, where do you think it is, Tanaka?
Tanaka From seeing the last year’s 1st T-1, I recognized again that T-shirt is a “media”.
And choosing T-shirts is more challenging for your own than choosing other kinds of clothes by the part of the meaning of which print and what kind of thing you would pick to wear for your good.
Nishida Yes, yes.
Tanaka So, for me, watching T-1 made me think which T-shirt I would choose or want to know so much which one that person would pick.
I have bottomless interest for that part.
Uleshka Last year, the judgment of “I want it!” was self-centered but this time, I would more care about the statement besides the design by itself.
── Including that, which T-shirt is in your mind, Tanaka?
Tanaka Umm…it is very difficult to choose only one from all of these…
Naoto Fukasawa’s T-shirt is made of Japanese flag using a rose, and then which is also a soccer ball. Various elements are condensed.
Nishida Oh, I see!
── The name of the T-shirt is “BARA IRO (a rose color)”, too.
Tanaka I can see something like an adult’s “cheering heart”. (laugh)
── I bet there is some different impression from your point of view, isn’t there Uleshka?
Uleshka Well…
I think the reason of Erik Spiekermann designed along soccer was influenced strongly by his country German is being a host of this world cup.
This design is really serious and simple but also humorous.
── That is an analytical comment.
Uleshka I know some of these designers directly.
Therefore I can see their personalities in some of these T-shirts.For example, Usman Haque.
He is interested in experimental design and love technology…
I can really see he might struggle so much and designed it.
Here are some little dots, if you coat with the magic marker that makes a gimmick of changing design. This is who Usman is, very much so.
── I see.
Uleshka He calls himself an architect, but he goes far from it. He actually tries to make electromagnetic field and generate the smell by using technology and stuff.
Tanaka Nishida knows many designers in architecture and product design fields in large part.
Nishida Well, I’ve talked at interview with Naoto Fukasawa, Gugi Akiyama, Jun Aoki, Shin Sobue and Taku Sato…
Tanaka What do you think to see those T-shirts made from those people?
Nishida At first I was thinking that Fukasawa’s design was motif of atom or something like that.
I was reading a book about quantum theory.
I was like” This subject is coming now.” (laugh)
Taku Sato’s design was also “104.5degree”,
So, I believed “the time is sciences from now on!”
Because of that, when I heard that is rose, I was shocked. (laugh)
── Okay.(laugh)
Nishida Last year, when Taku designed a cell phone, I did a panel talk session with him but talking with him was so much fun and exciting.This time, the design “104.5degree” is also interesting.
But if someone asks me about the meaning of it, it’s not cool if I can’t explain it well.
So, this T-shirt needs courage to click the purchase button, I suppose. (laugh)
Everyone Ha ha ha ha ha.
── Fukasawa, Taku Sato and Jun Aoki are participated so…
Nishida This time, it seems difficult and also fun “Casa BRUTUS”-wise. (laugh)
But, maybe my eyes caught Sobue’s and Kashiwa’s T-shirts first.
And of course, Gugi Akiyama’s, too.
Although, Gugi makes Jun Aoki build his house, so at least when he hangs out in his house, I think he should wear Aoki’s T-shirt. (laugh)