T-1 WORLD CUP/English » Designers wear their own t-shirts! -Round 1: Hamansutra-

Designers wear their own t-shirts! -Round 1: Hamansutra-


We’re receiving more promos from our designers every day!
Today we have two designers who took photos of themselves wearing their t-shirt.

Here’s Hamansutra from Germany, wearing his own creation, “Blue Baby“.

Hamansutra expressing the passion in himself!

Hamansutra expressing the coolness in himself!

Um… not that Hamansutra himself put those comments to the photos…
He does look real good in his t-shirt!

Hamansutra is the only fashion designer among the contestants.
I think he can even become a model!

Looking at these pictures, we can see that the t-shirt gives a strong impression worn alone.
Shin Sobue told us he likes the “Blue Baby” when we met him the other day!

Hamansutra, thanks for the cool photos!