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Promo Battle! -Mimi Son representing Korea-


Next promo is from Mimi Son, representing Korea.

Mimi Son is the designer of the “Ma Eum” t-shirt.
“Ma Eum” means “the mind” in Korean.

Letters of the Korean alphabet is embedded in her design like a collage. Her design creates a gentle atmosphere and is especially popular among women.

We would like to introduce you a movie for “Ma Eum” from Mimi Son.

Mimi made the word “Ma Eum” bloom in her image of flowers. She hopes to communicate with many people through this t-shirt.

The “Ma Eum” t-shirt and her movie both send us the concept image of her design.
Gentle, and open to everyone.

We heard that Mimi recently gave birth to a baby.
Maybe the heart motif drawn in her illustration of plants is connected to that happy incident!