T-1 WORLD CUP/English » Which one is going to win?_Part3

Which one is going to win?_Part3


The final volume of the special discussion for T-1 from
Zenta Nishida, an assistant editor of “Casa BRUTUS”.
Risa Tanaka, an editor of “Senden Kaigi”.
And Ureshka, chief editor of onlile design magazine “Pingmag“.

Which T-shirt is going to be a winner?
How are those three specialists foreseeing ?


Finally, I would like to ask you this question.Which T-shirts do you think to win?


Whoa! (laugh)Well, even though this is a design competition, still they have their own concepts.For example, if I get to know about the meaning of Taku Sato’s “104.5°”, I might be interested in it and buy it and……

Nishida In fact, there is no project talked so much about T-shirts!
一同 Hahahahahaha.

That’s is true, it’s even too much. (laugh)

There are resumes, interviews and profiles…

I would read it if everything is taken care of like this well.

You can follow so far the meaning of graphics or an individual designer to buy T-shirts.

Also there might be people who buy their favorite designs at their first sight.

I thought why Tom has won last year was because of the color of hemline.

But he didn’t do it for this time.

Uleshka Oh, I see.

From watching Tom’s T-shirt and Kashiwa’s (who won the second prize last year) “Peace” T-shirts,

I can kind of see the tendency.

Uleshka Yes.
Nishida Everybody buy simple stuff.
Tanaka Every single of them is nice but if I think of wearing it.
Nishida There are some levels.

For this tournament, you should go through the levels of the design, the concept, the designer and the fact if it really looks good on you or not and think of it.
I really can’t guess.But from the cuteness, it might be Kam Tang’s.

── Does it mean you would like to wear?

I think so.I feel like both of men and women would think it is cute.And Taku’s T-shirt is there might be people who would like to be asked, “What is the number?” and those people will buy it. (laugh)

── Talking about cuteness, we have received pretty a lot of e-mails from readers, and they like Tsuguya Inoue’s T-shirt.


This is difficult….

Nishida How about choosing 4 of these T-shirts that seems going to the final match.
Uleshka If Japan were the host of this world cup, I guess Gugi’s T-shirt would win but…
Nishida This T-shirt is such a tricky play. (laugh)
Tanaka Yes. (laugh)

Fukasawa, Tom, Mimi, Yanai and Nando.

These are my guess.

What about you, Uleshka?

Uleshka Well, I’m thinking…. (laugh)
Nishida What does the back of Katsunori Aoki’s T-shirt say?
── “Japan”.

Okay, and there is a rising carp…

How about you, Tanaka?

Tanaka I would say Fukasawa, Kam Tang and Taku…
Nishida ほう。

And I’ve seen a T-shirt like Nando’s that people from Japanese soccer team was making it and wearing it.

I wonder whether the design affects soccer funs or not.

The message of Yanai’s T-shirt “OREKOKO (I’m here)” can be effective, too.

── Did you decide it, Uleshka?

I’ve chosen Fukasawa, Katsunori Aoki, Phunk studio, Hamansutra and Nando.

Personally, I love the Kinga’s Chopin, too, but it’s not much about soccer.


Everyone has voted to Fukasawa.

Two of three you guys have voted to Nando and Mimi.

Nishida Nando’s and Mimi’s T-shirts have a sensitive atmosphere, so women can wear it, too.

Yeah, you are right!

Actually, thinking of buying it. (laugh)

Uleshka On the other hand, I couldn’t decide about Fukasawa’s T-shirt, because the impression is womanly.

So, you thought about “How is this for men?”.

For your information, the print of backside of the Phunk studio’s T-shirt is reverse of black and white.


Oh! That’s cool!



And the tag of the Stefan’s “NEW YORK CITY” T-shirt got a picture of John Lennon.

Nishida That’s intense, too!

What do you think of Jun Aoki’s T-shirt?


Fukasawa’s T-shirt could be taken too womanly and vice versa, Mimi Son’s T-shirt is really cute but it can be only for women.

Talking like this, Jun Aoki’s T-shirt can be barely worn by men.

But if the audience rate of the world cup soccer were high, it would be the Kam Tang T-shirt! (laugh)


If you are a soccer fun, you can’t ignore the Phunk studio and the Nando.

If you are not a soccer fun much and like cool T-shirts, it’s going to be Katsunori Aoki, Kinga or Hamansutra.

Jun Aoki’s design is really beautiful and nice but if you were not Japanese, the sensitivity would be hard to understand…


Well, it’s difficult to choose only one of them for a champion…


It can’t be chosen for just the design of T-shirts straightforward. Besides that, you have to think of “Hobonichi” readers and a viewpoint from abroad, it’s a hard work. (laugh)


Sorry. (laugh)


But there are winning or losing for T-1, so the result is coming out anyway a month later.


That’s why we are so excited.


That’s true.

I’m getting excited, too.

After thinking all of this. (laugh)


It was difficult as was expected.

Making a wrong guess is kind of ashamed so everybody was scared. (laugh)

Tanaka It can be the T-shirt we didn’t even mention about would win. (laugh)