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Highlights of the T-shirts! [Part 2]


Hi all!
Following the 14 designs of the contestants from overseas, here are the features of the remaining designers.
The 10 t-shirts designed by the top-notch designers representing Japan.

Here we go!

Koinobori 2006
Katsunori Aoki


In the front, a boy with a koinobori (carp streamer) on his head, and on the back, the logo “Japan”.
Both are stamp pressed with silver on this “Koinobori 2006”.Aoki pursued a long-time icon like Mount Fuji that can be applied to the world today, and found the koinobori motif.The illustration is “Japan” in itself.
Aoki hopes families will wear it, the father, mother, and the children side by side; just like in the song “Koinobori”.
The font used for the logo on the back is an original font by Aoki, “afloat”.

Jun Aoki


Aoki entered the T-1 WORLD CUP from the field of architecture.A thread-like print is featured from the left shoulder towards the back on the white body of the shirt.The pink thread print embossed with ink, just like a real embroidery, stands out on the white canvas.
Aoki commented on his t-shirt: “This shirt looks like a simple white shirt, or a t-shirt badly sewn with colored thread, or a shirt sewn by a living thread just the way the thread wants to.”

Gugi Akiyama


What’s something that everybody loves in Japan?
What do Japanese people love?
What do non-Japanese people love?
Akiyama’s answer to this was, what else but Mount Fuji! He wants you to wear it and take a picture with Mount Fuji.
He wants you to wear it and climb Mount Fuji.But actually, he thinks it looks cool worn on the streets.Some tips from Akiyama on how to wear this t-shirt:“Wear it when your face is red being angry or drunk, and you’ll look like an erupting volcano!”

Tsuguya Inoue


Inspired by a lion he saw in an Iranian carpet, Inoue decided to design a “genki” (cheerful and energetic) and happy t-shirt.A lion bit by a snake jumps (HANETEIRU) in his t-shirt.His design reveals a different aspect of Inoue’s world from his well known commercial works, such as the advertisement for Comme des Garcon.The music he thinks would best fit his design is “THE LION SLEEPS TONIGHT” by THE TOKENS.“THE LION SLEEPS TONIGHT” in Japanese is “LION WA NETEIRU”.


Ayumi Ohashi


Japan’s ocean waves, the sun, and Mount Fuji are Ohashi’s motifs for this design.The base color of the shirt is Japan blue, the color of the national soccer team uniform.Her warm illustration will surely be adored by a wide range of people, just like last time.
The title of the t-shirt is “AISHITAI NIHON” (to love Japan).She hopes that people will think about being proud of Japan.


Kashiwa Sato


A matte silver logo of “JPNAA” shines on the base color of soft pink, the color of the cherry blossom.On the back is the logo of “ANPJA”.These two logos stand for “JAPAN”.
Kashiwa thought it was appealing to design the logo simple as “JAPAN”, but then again he thought it may be a bit difficult to wear such design in Japan.“JPN” would be am abbreviation too boring, so he symbolized the name of the country by recombining the spelling, to “JPNAA” and “ANPJA”.The silver ink used for the logo is aluminum blended with rubber ink, and has a more rough texture than the silver used for Katsunori Aoki’s t-shirt.

104.5 degrees

Taku Satoh


In last year’s T-1, Taku presented us with two designs.On one t-shirt, he took a pen and colored the t-shirt with his right hand.
On the other t-shirt, he took a duct tape and taped the t-shirt with his left hand.
This year he came up with something completely different.A simple logo on a fresh mint green canvas.
The logo is a quiz. “104.5 degrees”. Taku points out that nothing on earth can exist without something that exists in this angle.
The tag of the t-shirt reads “an important angle for us”.Can you solve this quiz?

sleeping fish

Shin Sobue


The tightly woven curves drawn is the image of the water pattern of the pool.Two goldfish silently sleeps tight in the right chest.His design is thought out into detail, as his design always is.The goldfish is printed with a combination of blue, pink, and yellow, and the layout of this complicated multi-color print has been closely examined by Sobue.
Sobue’s image of his design is this: “The water pattern of the pool is exaggerated Hockney, the goldfish with realistic scales with a silhouette like Mathis”Hockney is an artist famous for his artwork of pools, and Mathis is a famous artist of the 20th century who was crowned the title of “King of the Fauves”.

Bara Iro

Naoto Fukasawa


The red and white coloring of the shirt is the represents the national flag of Japan.The rose, is a frequently used pattern for flower prints on apparel.
Fukasawa’s design combines these two motifs with the soccer ball.Japan, roses, and soccer ball.Merging these three motifs that may look irrelevant at first, Fukasawa created a t-shirt that well answers the T-1 WORLD CUP concept!This is definitely a work of one of the best product designers in the world.Check out the vividness and the gradation of the final color of the rose.It went under numerous trial and error of the print process.


Michihiko Yanai


Yanai initially designed “JAPAN” in red on the front, and “NIPPON” on the back, and the national flag on the sleeve.
But at the last moment, he “suddenly wanted to create a t-shirt that can empower communication”.
The person wearing this t-shirt will point at his/her country, and the people around him/her will start pointing the t-shirt to show their homeland too.
This t-shirt is a tool for communication.And the world atlas is printed with “glow-in-the-dark ink”.The ink charges the light, and glows in the dark.A fun t-shirt to wear, day or night!

We’ve introduced the essences of the 24 t-shirts, but each t-shirt has such a story behind it, there’s always much more to talk about.
It’s a t-shirt you’ll want to tell the people around you the stories and idea behind it.
And in these 24 contestants lies the future world champion.

Which t-shirt will you vote for?
The battle has just begun!