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Updates -July 7th-


Hi all!
All votes (= orders) of T-1 WORLD CUP closes at 3:00pm Japan time on Monday July 10th.
Orders are only accepted until this time, no extensions!

This weekend is your last chance!
The T-1 WORLD CUP t-shirts are completely made-to-order, so as long as you order by the closing time, there is no worry of the shirts becoming sold out!
However, the shirts are only sold until 3:00pm Japan Time on Monday July 10th, so once it’s past this closing time, there is no way of buying the t-shirt, whatsoever!

All the t-shirts are great art works of the designers!
Don’t miss this chance!


The Tomahawks of Hosei University wear the T-shirts!

The t-shirts look well on the worked out bodies of the American football team of Hosei University!