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Inside Story -”WHERE IS YOUR COUNTRY?” by Michihiko Yanai


“WHERE IS YOUR COUNTRY?” by Michihiko Yanai was one of the highly favored t-shirts in the comments we received. Today we would like to share with you a story behind his design.

This is the first time Yanai is involved in T-1. He, like many other designers, designs original t-shirts for his company “Kaze to Rock”. His initial design for this contest was totally different from his “Kaze to Rock” t-shirts or his final “WHERE IS YOUR COUNTRY?” design.
It was a t-shirt with “JAPAN” in red letters on the front, “NIPPON” on the back, and the national flag on the sleeves. It was a design to wear to any international game.

This was the design that first arrived to our office.


It must be a magnificent view to see all the seats of a soccer or baseball field filled with people wearing this design! However, a few days after we received this design, we got an e-mail from Yanai’s office.


Subject: A new idea…

Hi. I am e-mailing today regarding a new design for the T-1 from Yanai.
I think a new idea sparked to his mind when watching TV on holiday or something…

It’s a design with Japan at the heart, so that Japanese people can wear it to international games and point to our country.
It’s a t-shirt which everyone can point to show where they come from.

We understand it’s the last minute, but if it’s possible, Yanai would like to change the design.
We apologize for the trouble caused.


Don’t be so sorry! It is the last moment, yes, but it’s possible.
At least, we think it’s possible…..

So this is how the design was switched to the design it is now, at the last minute.

As we made the sample t-shirts for this new design, Yanai came up with new ideas such as the use of glow-in-the-dark ink (the ink charges light, and glows in the dark), and eventually the final version of “WHERE IS YOUR COUNTRY?” was complete.

Another few days later, we visited Yanai at his office with the final sample.

“The color purple is nice and bright, and it really glows in the dark! Cool!”
Yanai comments as he checks the sample in detail.



He answered our question in the Q&A that he “suddenly wanted to create a t-shirt that can empower communication”. We believe he is constantly thinking about “communication”.

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