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Promote T-1 on Your Website!

We made three types of banners for you this year.
They all look great, take your time choosing which one you want to use!

When you’ve decided, go ahead and download them to put on your website or blogs!

Please link these banners to: www.t-1.cc

Official Banner

This is the man banner for the 2nd T-1 WORLD CUP.

Banners Featuring the Contestant Designers

24 banners for the 24 contestant designers!
Who’s your favorite? Who will you root for?

Ayumi Ohashi Erik Spiekermann
ayumiohashi_0616e.gif erickspiekermann_0616e.gif
Gugi Akiyama Hamansutra
gugiakiyama_0616e.gif hamansutra_0616e.gif
Jun Aoki Kam Tang
junaoki_0616e.gif kamtang_0616e.gif
Kashiwa Sato Katsunori Aoki
kashiwasato_0616e.gif katsunoriaoki_0616e.gif
Kinga Klein Dytham architecture
kinga_0616e.gif kda_0616e.gif
Michihiko Yanai Mimi Son
michihikoyanai_0616e.gif mimison_0616e.gif
Nando Costa Naoto Fukasawa
nandocosta_0616e.gif naotofukasawa_0616e.gif
Oded Ezer Phunk studio
odedezer_0616e.gif phunkstudio_0616e.gif
Poledesign Shin Sobue
poledesign_0616e.gif shinsobue_0616e.gif
Silas Hickey Stefan Sagmeister
silashickey_0616e1.gif stefansagmeister_0616e.gif
Taku Satoh Tom Vincent
takusatoh_0616e1.gif tomvincent_0616e.gif
Tsuguya Inoue Usman Haque
tsuguyainoue_0616e.gif usmanhaque_0616e.gif

Flash Animation Banner

This flash animation banner automatically updates the newest information of the 2nd T-1 WORLD CUP.
Please read the following notes on usage on settings for this banner.

1. Copy the script above to your paste it to your web page and/or blog.
Please note that this banner may not function depending on the restrictions of your blog service.

2. The banner will appear on the section where you pasted the script.

Java Script needs to be enabled to view this banner.
The newest version of Macromedia Flash Player also needs to be installed.

Please note that this banner may not function depending on the restrictions of your blog service.
Also please note that this banner may discontinue its service without warning.

Any changes and modification of the banners are strictly forbidden.
Redistribution of the banners is also forbidden, thank you.