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We’re Recruiting T-1 Correspondents for Overseas!


Have you already read the first impression e-mails from other readers?

Everyone has their own favorites, and their thoughts on:

the t-shirt they would like to buy
the t-shirt they think will win

were in such a variety that it was strikingly interesting!
It was so much fun that we want to hear more from you, this time from non-Japanese people!

We’ve decided to recruit T-1 correspondents for overseas!

Anyone who can interview non-Japanese friends or families from overseas is eligible for this correspondent.
The reporters can reside anywhere, in or outside Japan.

If you can interview people in your school, office, or club activities, we would like to hear their voices on:

the t-shirt they would like to buy
the t-shirt they think will win

You can e-mail them the T-1 English site
or the URL for the T-1 image movie
and ask their favorites, and the reasons why!

Yes, you can become the T-1 correspondent for overseas!

The task of the correspondent is not just to get an interview, but to report the scene.
Take a photo, and send us the pictures as well.
We’ll be giving away T-1 stickers to the correspondents whose reports are introduced in this site!

Oh I see… You’re not sure what to interview your friends, or what kind of photos you should take?
Don’t worry, it’s no big hassle.
You can probably interview your friends and families just by using one of the greatest inventions of today.
The e-mail.

It all depends on your talent as a correspondent!

Your first step to become a T-1 correspondent is easy.
Tell us that you want to become a correspondent for T-1 to the below e-mail address.


We’ll e-mail you back the details of your task as a correspondent.

We’re waiting to hear from you, wherever you are!