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T-1 Makes its way into the World


T-1 has been receiving media coverage, especially from magazines.
Here are 3 magazines you can find in stores now with pages on T-1.

*”Barfout” will be in stores on June 17th (Sat).

From right:
“EYESCREAM” July issue (p.93/out June 1st)
“Invitation” July issue (p.120-121/out June 10th)
“BARFOUT!” July issue (p.147/out June 17th)

Among these magazines, “Invitation” is featuring T-1 in a two-page spread!


The 24 t-shirts are all lined up with comments on each designer.

With all the contestant designs aligned, they look like the members of the match entering the coliseum!
Be sure to check these magazines out when you see them in stores!

An article on T-1 was also published in the Nikkan Sports newspaper on May 30th.
T-1 was covered in about a third of page 22, and was one of the first articles on T-1 WORLD CUP.
Has anyone seen this article?
A few of the t-shirt designs were revealed, although the article was published before the grand opening.

More and more of T-1 will be appearing in public.
We’ll let you know in this page!