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The designers will be promoting their t-shirts!


The contestants of the T-1 WORLD CUP designed their t-shirts and tags.

But we asked them to design something else too:

“something to promote your t-shirt”

This wasn’t a requirement, nor did we specify any details on the way it should be done.

(other than the fact that it has to be something that can be viewed on the Web) Although our request had been pretty much ambiguous, some contestants have already sent us their outputs.

The contestants’ answers to promotion we have received so far are in broad variety.

The number of designers, the number of ways to promote their t-shirt.

There were photos using the t-shirt design as motif, flash animation, gidgets you can play on the web…

We’ll post these as they come along, during the following month.

Another news… The sample t-shirts are being delivered to the designers one by one!

We’re planning to post the photos of designers wearing their t-shirt.

And don’t miss the interviews of the contestants that are coming up!

Message to the contestants reading this page:

Please send your promotion material and photos wearing your t-shirt!

We’re waiting!