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Updates -July 6th-


All votes (= orders) of T-1 WORLD CUP closes at 3:00pm Japan time on Monday July 10th.
Orders are only accepted until this time, no extensions!

The moment where the champion is decided is coming soon!

Have you picked your pick?

Each t-shirt will be labeled with a serial number. It’s the one and only t-shirt for you, made-to-order!
Everyone will be able to buy these pieces of art until the deadline! But once the T-1 WORLD CUP has closed, on 3:00pm Monday July 10th, the chance will be gone forever.

The one to choose the winning t-shirt from the 24 designs, is you, reading this page!


More Models for T-1!
10 New Ways to Enjoy your T-shirt

We hear that many people don’t even open the t-shirts, but display the t-shirt in their rooms and houses! It’s really an art piece created by the designers!
So we decided to introduce 10 new ways to enjoy your t-shirt, with illustration done by Pauls Davis.
There’s more to t-shirts than just wearing it!

We will show you more models wearing the t-shirts today!
Hope this will help you make your decision!

Also, we’d love to hear what you think of the designs.
Please tell us
the t-shirt you would like to buy/already bought
the t-shirt you think will win
along with the reasons why, and e-mail us.
Let us hear your voice!