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Updates -July 4th-

All votes (= orders) of T-1 WORLD CUP closes at 3:00pm Japan time on Monday July 10th.
Orders are only accepted until this time, no extensions!

We know that making your decision gets more difficult, reading all the messages and the concepts of the t-shirts and understanding the history and the personality of the artists.
But that is part of the fun! Enjoy!

Please look forward to receiving your order which is scheduled to be delivered from the end of August to the beginning of September!


Here we go!

The two new articles for today are:

The Defending Champion, Tom Vincent!
This is the T-shirt to Win! Opinions of Art University Students!

The defending champion, Tom Vincent makes his first appearance in the 2nd T-1 WORLD CUP! From the story behind his design this year, to his prediction of this year’s champion, don’t miss the words of Tom!
By the way, the interview was done at the zoo!

We have students from Tama Art University as our third team model!
Which t-shirt did the artists of tomorrow choose as the champion?

Both are articles you can’t miss!

Also, we’d love to hear what you think of the designs.
Please tell us
the t-shirt you would like to buy/already bought
the t-shirt you think will win
along with the reasons why, and e-mail us.
Let us hear your voice!