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Updates -July 5th-

All votes (= orders) of T-1 WORLD CUP closes at 3:00pm Japan time on Monday July 10th.
Orders are only accepted until this time, no extensions!

Who will become the world champion of the t-shirts?

Your vote counts!
Have fun with the rest of the game!


We have another T-1 team model for you!

T-1 Models out on the Streets!

We had two teams stroll about the city of Tokyo this time. You’ll get to see the t-shirts in everyday life!
And of course, we have all the heights of the models and the sizes they wore for your reference!

Also, we’d love to hear what you think of the designs.
Please tell us

the t-shirt you would like to buy/already bought
the t-shirt you think will win

along with the reasons why, and e-mail us.
Let us hear your voice!