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Create your own Hebrew Typography!


We hear many favorable comments on Oded Ezer’s Hebrew “T(ypography)-shirt!
The sample t-shirt we sent to Oded in Israel seem to have arrived in his hands okay….
He sent us a charming picture.


Is that you, Oded, behind the t-shirt?
The e-mail he sent us reads “For the ‘wear-it’ samples…”
So this is how it would look on you, Oded!

Oded sent us a piece of his work along with the picture above, with which you can create your own Hebrew typography.
(C)Design:Oded Ezer Flash Operation:Itamar Lerner

Click the keys above, and the fonts will appear on the screen.
How interesting! How cool!
I have no idea what I’m typing in Hebrew, but it’s really fun!
Oh is this how you write the number “4″ in Hebrew? I would have never guessed!

It’s something everyone can enjoy. Show it to your friends!

Oded, thank you so much for such an amazing piece of work!