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Curtains Up! The 2nd T-1 WORLD CUP!


We proudly announce the opening of the 2nd T-1 WORLD CUP, a festive competition where 24 designers from 13 countries around the world compete against each other. The category they compete in is this: the design of the “t-shirt of your country”.

The t-shirt that sells the most during the match, from today to 3:00pm July 10th (Mon), is the champion.
Under this simple and severe rule, the contestant designers representing their country competes a fair and square game with their t-shirt design.

What’s going on in Germany right now is a soccer game called the FIFA World Cup.
What’s going on here is a t-shirt game called the T-1 WORLD CUP.

And no, this game isn’t just a festival.
It’s a win-or-lose game, a match with a victory.

And you, reading this from somewhere in the world, are the one to choose the champion.

Here’s how you can join the game.
Order the t-shirts from the order form; it’s the orange tab on the blue menu bar.


Each order will be counted as a vote to the t-shirt,and the designer who wins the most votes (= who sells the most) becomes the 2nd T-1 WORLD CUP champion.

The shirts are completely made-to-order,and they are only made when we receive orders from you.
The shirts are printed with the ink and printing method selected by the designer, and each tag is labeled with a serial number.

These t-shirts, designed and created under such conditions, are like works of lithograph by the designers.

From these 24 art works, which t-shirt will you vote for?
Which t-shirt do you think will win?

On this opening day, we would like to show you the competing t-shirts in the game.
Let us hear your first impression.
Please tell us
・ the title of the t-shirt you would like to buy, or already bought
・ the title of the t-shirt you think will win
along with the reasons why, by sending us an e-mail to the address below.


We will announce the results of your first impression in this page in the near future.

Please enjoy the 2nd T-1 WORLD CUP during the following month.

Your vote, decides the world champion t-shirt.