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T-1 Museum in Naoshima.


Hi all!

The T-1 Museum in Naoshima is now open!
The exhibition period is from September 5th (Tue) until October 1st (Sun), from 9;30am to 6:00pm.

The 24 t-shirts is displayed in a corner of the Benesse House of Benesse Art Site Naoshima.


The exhibition is displayed in the hall that connects the Park building and the Benesse House Shop. This hallway is not limited to hotel guests, and everyone is welcome. Please drop by if you have the chance!

Today we’d like to report how the T-1 Museum in Naoshima was prepared on September 4th!


This is the conceptual drawing of the display.
The T-1 poster on the left, and the 24 t-shirt displayed in 3 t-shirt by 8 t-shirt matrix, with the thin wrapping
paper as background.


So on to our jobs we go!


First, we post the thin paper onto the wall.
Those of you who have already received the t-shirts know how “thin” this paper is… So easy to tear!


What’s this blue tape on this side of the wall…?


This logo looks familiar…


Hmmm…. the logo goes on to the blue tape….


The T-1 logo appears on the wall…


Voila! The entrance to the T-1 Museum in Naoshima!
Make a left at the arrow, and the hallway with the 24 t-shirt appears.


More wrapping paper as background! Good going!


And our first customer has arrived… a red crab!
Naoshima is a place like this, with lots of nature.


4 hours of hard work, we have posted all the background and the poster, and the 8 poles to hang the t-shirts have been set up.
The poster introduces the concept to the T-1 World Cup,


and the participating designers.


On the right of the t-shirts is…


The official T-1 World Cup Poster designed by art director Tsuguya Inoue, our participant designer!
And the posters were printed by Epson MAXART. Thank you always for your support!


This is how it looks from the other end of the hall.
So here we go, let’s hang the t-shirts for display!


3 t-shirts per pole…


one by one…


also placing plates to introduce every designer…
after six hours of hard work…
T-1 Museum is Naoshima, complete for everyone to see!


The wall to the left is the entrance, and the whole hallway is the exhibit.


The 24 t-shirts, all for you to enjoy!


A large exhibit for the large scale designers of the world!


This is how it looks from outside.
We were happy that this large exhibit turned out just the way we initially planned!


The T-1 Museum in Naoshima is open from September 5th (Tue) to October 1st (Sun), from 9:00am to 6:00pm.
Benesse Art Site Naoshima is the one and only place where you can see all 24 t-shirts of the 2nd T-1 WORLD CUP. The exhibit stands out in this island full of art and nature.
Enjoy the atmosphere, enjoy the exhibit!


The Answer to the “104.5 degrees” Quiz at last!


Hi all!

Remember the quiz that is still left unsolved?
It’s the one t-shirt which its concept hasn’t been fully explained. All the other t-shirts, you can read their ideas in each of the designer’s page.

“104.5 degrees” by Taku Satoh.
Have you figured out what this angle stands for?


The angle, Taku says, is “an important angle for us.”
With the t-shirts starting to arrive at your homes, it’s about time we reveal the answer, right?

The angle, 104.5 degrees, is….
the angle that the hydrogen and oxygen elements connect when they form the water molecule.

Was the quiz too easy for you?

If water, created by hydrogen and oxygen forming that angle, did not exist…
Definitely, this angle is important to us, and the color of the t-shirt itself was a huge hint!

But there was more to this quiz, remember?

What are the 5 elements, or 5 steps, for this angle to turn into this t-shirt? With these 5 steps, this t-shirt and this angle 104.5 degrees becomes connected.

Many readers sent us their answers to us, but only two readers solved this quiz, one from Fukuoka prefecture, and the other reader from Miyagi prefecture.

Taku was surprised that two readers came up with the correct answer.
Here’s Taku with the explanation of the answer to this quiz.


(Taku’s message in English)

Today I would like to announce the answer to my quiz.
The angle, 104.5 degrees, is the angle that the elements of the water molecule form.
Water consists of one hydrogen element and two oxygen elements.
These three elements form this angle, 104.5 degrees to create the substance water.
The first factor of the answer is that this angle is the angle of the water molecule.
The second factor is that ice floats on water because of this angle.
Usually when a substance becomes its solid form, its density is higher than that of its liquid form, thus creating the solid form to sink.
However, since water is formed by this particular angle, ice floats on water.
The third factor is that life begun since ice floated on water.
If the ocean was to freeze from the bottom, it is said that life would not have begun.
The fourth factor is that the beginning of life leads to the evolution of human beings.
The fifth factor is that since we exist here and now as human beings, this t-shirt exists.
These are the five factors that connect this angle and this t-shirt.

Two readers solved this quiz. Congratulations!
This is a prize for those two readers, a card game from a TV program I am involved in, “Nihongo de Asobo (Let’s Play in English)”.
These set of cards will come with my autograph (Don’t tell me you don’t want my autograph!)
The illustration on these cards was done by Masayoshi Nakajo, and was produced by Takashi Saito.

I would like to explain a bit why I designed this t-shirt this year.
Our world faces a water crisis today, with many places lacking minimum supplies of water to survive.
But on the other hand we drink and use water everyday and take it for granted.
The other day someone told me that the substance water is not yet fully understood and new findings are being revealed bit by bit.
This blew me away, so I wanted to design this year’s t-shirt with water as my theme.
But at the same time, I didn’t want to make it too serious.
You don’t want t-shirts preaching you ideas.
So I wanted to design a casual t-shirt for everyone to wear, but keeping its depth so that anyone who is triggered by it can go into deeper thoughts.
I am deeply interested in water right now, and hope that this t-shirt helps people think more about water.
Thank you!


As announced in this movie, Taku will present the readers with the correct answer with card games from the TV program “Nihongo de Asobo (Let’s Play with Japanese)”.

The illustration in this card game was done by graphic designer Masayoshi Nakajo, the design done by Taku, and produced by Professor Takashi Saito of Meiji University.


And of course…


the card game is autographed by Taku!


Congratulations again! We’re sending out the prizes out right away!
Thank you again for all the answers you sent us. Make sure to explain the meaning of 104.5 degrees when you wear this t-shirt!

See you again soon!


The 24 T-1 t-shirts will be exhibited in the Benesse Art Site Naoshima!


Hi all!

As we announced earlier in this page, the delivery of the t-shirts has begun!
Do you already have plans as of where to go wearing the T-1 t-shirt?
There’s one place we’d love to recommend.

This is Benesse Art Site Naoshima, located in an island on the Seto Inland Sea. Naoshima is a small island, only 8.13 square kilometers in size, its population only 3,500.

Located in this island full of nature (the southern section of Naoshima is part of a national park) is Benesse Art Site Naoshima, a contemporary art facitilty. It is a combination of lodging and art facilities, including the Chichu Museum of Art designed by the renowned Tadao Ando.

One of our T-1 operation staffs, Nakabayashi, recently visited Naoshima and was extremely satisfied with her experience.

“It’s a great place full or artwork and nature.
whiteee.gif A relaxing atmosphere, a fantastic resort island….
whiteee.gif with even a spa!”

The photo above is a glimpse that art resort.

There’s a reason why we recommend the Benesse Art Site Naoshima.
The 24 T-1 t-shirts will be exhibited in this art site!

Yes, the T-1 Museum in Naoshima is about to begin!

The exhibition takes place from September 5th (Tue) until October 1st (Sun).
The “museum” will be located in a facility called Benesse House. The hallway that connects the Park building (accommodation facility) and the Benesse House Shop will be the exhibition space. Anyone is welcome to visit this exhibition within the open hours of the Benesse House Shop (9:30-18:30).

This is how we plan to exhibit the t-shirts!


This is how we plan to display the t-shirts, looking at the wall on the right side of the photo with the window on the left side of the photo to your back.
At the very left will be a large poster with the concept of the T-1 described. The thin paper used to wrap the t-shirts upon shipping will be used as background, and the 24 t-shirts will be displayed in a 3 by 8 matrix.

The T-1 operation staffs will display the t-shirts at the site, so the display may end up a bit different from the plan above, but at this point this is how we intend to display the t-shirts.


This small island full of nature and art is a great place to display the 24 “lithograph” t-shirts of the top designers of the world! The Benesse Art Site Naoshima was interested in our concept and welcomed our t-shirt exhibition.

If you have a chance to visit Naoshima during the exhibit, please drop by and enjoy the T-1 Museum! (there is a 3 day weekend in September, you know!)
Wouldn’t it be grand if you can wear your T-1 t-shirt at Naoshima?

Of course, we plan to report the details of the coming Naoshima T-1 Museum in the near future!

Until then!
See you soon! See you in Naoshima!

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