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A Visit to the KDa Office!


Many of the 24 contestants of this year’s T-1 WORLD CUP are involved in projects throughout the world, and Klein Dytham architecture (KDa) is no exception.
KDa is an architect unit based in Japan, who works on projects around the world.
Just like the logo on their design “Let’s Foreign!”, Mark Dytham from UK and Astrid Klein from Italy spends busy days running around foreign countries of the world.

On one sunny day in June, we heard a note that both Astrid and Mark are in their Tokyo office.
The staffs at the T-1 WORLD CUP office made a quick stop to meet them and hand them the final t-shirt sample!

Examining the actual t-shirt in detail, Mark comments “Isn’t the print a bit small?” and Astrid answers “Really? I think it looks cute”. We got a glimpse of how they work together, exchanging their thoughts and opinion.

The air that they create was so charming that we couldn’t resist taking pictures!


The “Tea-shirt” looks really good on their smiley faces!

Read more details on their design here!