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Promo Battle! -Kinga representing Poland-


Promos from designers are arriving one bye one!
Many of the contestant designers are sending us something to promote their t-shirt.

Today we will show you two movies we received from two artists.

First is from Kinga, a video artist in Poland.

Kinga sent us an image movie for the “Chopin funclub!”.
The movie lasts about 2 seconds.
Here you go!

Hold on a sec…
We forgot to tell you, the movie includes audio.
Quick! Check the audio settings on your computer!
Those of you who are checking this page at work, get your headsets ready!

Okay, ready now?
Here you go!

Her love and respect towards the great Polish composer Chopin is poured into those two seconds!
It’s a movie to recruit you to join the “Chopin funclub”!

By the way, a photo of her and her two kids was also attached to her e-mail.chopin-photo-stickers_tr_we.jpg

How cute…