Nando Costa is a graphic artist and designer from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. His experience as a creative director both in his hometown and in the US has led to a vast number of projects for clients such as MTV, Nike, Budweiser and Microsoft. Nando also promotes his country through a website entitled Brasil Inspired ( and books "Brasil Inspired" and "Disorder in Progress". He's currently shares his time between being a freelance Creative Director and creating his personal art.

What is your name?

Nando Costa

Which country do you wish to represent?


What did you have in mind when creating your T-1 T-shirt design?

I wanted to show a different and less explored side of the artistry behind soccer. In this case I was inspired by the work done by the coach and interpreted him as a ventriloquist controlling the whole team.

What sort of places or situations will best fit your T-shirt design, do you think?

My overall impression of t-shirts that carry sports themed clothing is that they are usually too busy and over the top. My intention was to create something a bit more discreet so that people could wear it to any occasion.

Has your final T-shirt design turned out the same as you initially imagined it would?
I believe it did. My aim was simplicity and it all started from the iconography of the hands so I think I've achieved what I was looking for. I hope that once printed, the colors will work well together and complement each other in the way that I had planed them to.

When you were designing your T-1 T-shirt, how did the process compare with your normal work?
I think I worked in the same way I usually do in other circumstances. My goal was to

Please give your T-shirt a name.
"Ventriloquist of Eleven"

Please give us a message to all the people who visit the website, to spark their interest in your T-shirt.
"Ventriloquist of Eleven" illustrates the view of a coach orchestrating a soccer team.

If you have any music that would best fit your design T-shirt, please let us know.
Minimalist, perhaps some violin?

Is there any strikingly memorable or impressive T-shirt that you remember?

Not really. I tend to forget details like that. I am more interested in the stories, rather than in the details.

What is your favorite food?

Açaí and Pão de queijo

Are there any countries that you'd like to travel, if you had the chance and time?

Japan (hoping to go next year), New Zealand and Italy.

Are there any people, things, happenings, that have especially influenced you?

Everything inspires me, but traveling specially.

What do you want most? Anything?
Stability is what makes me happy. So as long as my family and I may continue to be healthy and that I am able to do the work that I appreciate I will be happy.

Is there anything that you recommend us to check out? Any items, events, etc?

Who would make you most pleased if they were to wear your T-shirt?

I would be very happy if design enthusiasts enjoyed the shirt. Since you are in Japan, I would be very happy if the guys from Idea Magazine wore it.

If you have any news or information about your recent or upcoming activities, please let us know.

I have recently finished a project for Microsoft where my task was to create almost 30 different illustrations for the background of the packaging of their new software. The boxes will be released in the Fall over more than 70 countries. This summer, my wife and I are going to travel for a few months crossing the United States by car to take some time off but also photograph and film some new material for a self-promotional video of mine.